zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Festival looks

It's summer!! So time for visiting festivals. Here you see celebs visiting coachella. I love their look!! What do you think?

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My name is Chloé zei

Hey girl! Maybe it'll be easier to follow eachother by blogger? I'm your new follower. Can't wait for the next post.

Your comment was so sweet. Thank you so much.

xx Chloé.

Mouthwash zei

i love their looks - all of them! opinion of Whitney is slightly hampered due to her behavior as of late.


My name is Chloé zei

I love that looks, especially the second ;)

Here is my new post! But it's a video in french you may not understand?

xx Chloé

Irene's Beautyblog zei

Hey I just found your blog and just followed! Its awesome :)
Love whitney's outfit :)


My name is Chloé zei

Thank you so much!
I know this is the very bad point of making a video. But you could see my daily outfit althoufg ;)

xx Chloé !