woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Flowerpower time!

Not very good pictures, but here are some pics of my outfit from today. I love my new flower top <3 I love the colors! And you can also see my sweet dogs :)
What do you think?


11 opmerkingen:

My name is Chloé zei

Love your top.
Your smile's so cute :)

xx Chloé - lapenderiedechloé*

johanna zei

ohh so sweet! your dogs are beautiful!

Fashion Profiles zei

from your top to the dogs... so lovely! =0

Ancia zei

I was hopping today and saw a few shirt with prints like yours, but I couldn't decide which one to buy. I love the pattern.
And your dog is soooo cute!

Thanks for your comment by the way!


Zarna zei

cool top!!


Cindy zei

Aaah leuke foto's! :D

DonnaRomina zei

haha thansk :$
great pictures<33


Aww I love your dogs, cute top!! xx


Anoniem zei

cute dog and definitely nice top ;)
Castor Pollux

Ambypure zei

Leuk shirtje! En wat een lieve hond :)

Angélique zei

Leuke foto's!