zaterdag 25 september 2010

I'm in love..

I'm in love! :p haha
I found my perfect jacket for this winter! It's from H&M and so cheap.

What do you think?


Ps. Sorry for not posting, but I was sick this week and I have to work every day. So after my work I'm very tired...

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Angélique zei


fruitcoctail zei

like it (:

Bahja Imaan zei

Ah,that is a good find.If your into trends this could sort of work for the whole military thing going on.the colours amazing:]

I recently had a little cold myself,hope your feeling well 100%.remember to drink lots of lemon honey tea and keep your feet covered:]

johanna zei

Sooo pretty. love it love it love iiit

Anoniem zei

cool jacket!
i think you should have it ;)

Castor Pollux